Saturday, February 23, 2008

WonderCon 2008

Well, he's Gumby dammit!

Their were quite a few colorful characters here at WonderCon 2008 in San Francisco. This was my first comic convention and it was not completely what I expected.

I viewed some presentations from Pixar, Disney/Walden Studios and Marvel Studios. WALL*E and Ironman look great.  WALL*E  looks to be the best picture Pixar has ever made IMHO.

Daleks running security was a bit unnerving.
(Me thinks government outsourcing has gone too far)

Fat Momma from the first season of "Who Wants to be a Super Hero" reality show had a booth. She was very good-natured and more than lived up to her appearance in the show.

Lou Ferrigno was one of the many celebrities signing autographs for their many fans. You may know him as the "Incredible Hulk" and more recently as the neighbor on the show "The King of Queens". For a guy that has lived the life he's had and at the age of 57, he looks great! Again a real personable type, warm and friendly.

And of course people come dressed as their favorite characters...

Elvis isn't dead . He's been moon-lighting as a stormtrooper!

And a young lady dressed as Lum a vintage Manga character were just a few of a cast of many.


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